About Spring Stars Foundation

 Promote Women Body and Health Rights

i. Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls
ii. Sustain Respect For Women’s Bodily Integrity And    Autonomy
iii. To Reduce Child Marriage By Empowering Girls For Successful Transition To Adulthood.

 Build Economic Security And Justice

i. Protect Member Economic Rights and Justice
ii. Facilitate  Member Financial Inclusions
iii. Empower Members with Economic Opportunities and Facilities
iv. Incubate Technology-Based Startups that Will Promote Entrepreneurship,
v. Promote Economic Empowerment and Civic Participation among Young People

Leadership, Participation And Peace

i. Expand Democratic Space and Equal Political Participation;
ii. Sustain Inclusive Governance across Board

 Promote Social Harmony And Community Integration

i. Facilitate Member Social Functions, Thematic, Seasonal and Incidentals
ii. Augment Social Reliefs For Members In Compassion and Needs